Donald J. Williams
Don Williams Film Scoring Clinic
One of Hollywood's most successful percussionists with credits on hundreds of film scores, television soundtracks and albums, and also a veteran composer and conductor as well, Don Williams shares four decades of experience in this special clinic that offers a hands-on approach to the scoring process. During intensive 50-minute sessions, students perform, often record and are critiqued as they develop and advance professional skills, including sight reading, live ensemble and individual work. 
 “I want to nurture the next generation of musicians to preserve and advance the future of music and enrich the education of those who will shape the music business that lies ahead" Williams says. "By providing multi-level comprehensive and professional training my goal is to impact young lives through mentoring encouragement."
                                        The Clinic:
An in-depth step-by-step examination of the film scoring and production process, including how a percussionist must work with clicktracks and add distinctive touches to streamers, spots and bumpers as well as foley work.  Learn how to develop special sight reading and other techniques to adapt to various styles as musicians are guided by the synchronous relationship between the composer and film editor. Extensive rehearsals are followed-thru with playing to exact cues, along with
These workshops will focus on the following:
•    Clicktracks
•    Streamers and Stripes
•    Sight Reading Techniques and Style Shifting
•    Editing and Beats
•    Post Production
•    Foley work (Sound Effects)
•    Rehearsals of Percussion Sections and Sight Reading Enhancement
•    Playing Through Cues
•    Recording Session And Follow-up Critiques (as possible)
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